Merri Creek Management Committee

Litter Workshop presenting actionsTen community members gave up their Sunday to participate in a litter workshop, jointly run by Friends of Merri Creek and Merri Creek Management Committee, in late November 2019. The aims of the workshop were to:  

-  Learn about the current litter problem in Merri Creek and the source of this litter;

-  Come up with actions participants could undertake, personally and with their social connections, to reduce litter coming into the creek.

Bat detector spectogramIn mid-February, community volunteers and Merri Creek Management Committee staff bravely ventured out after a rainy afternoon to Merri Park in Northcote for the final nest box monitoring session for the season. Thirty-two nest boxes were installed in trees in Merri Park in September 2019. The group was on the lookout for microbats, in particular Gould’s Wattled Bat and the White-striped Free-tail Bat, both of which use hollows and, potentially, nest boxes. Both types of microbat are thought to be in the area. 

pesticide detectives samplingThe ecological effects of pesticides in waterways is being explored as part of an exciting new citizen science project called Pesticide Detectives. This federally funded program is a collaboration between RMIT University and citizen science volunteers. 

As part of the project, Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) collected a  sediment sample from Merri Creek, just south of its confluence with Edgars Creek in Coburg North, in late 2019. The good news is that no pesticides were found in the sample.

Leptoplebiidae MayflyNine keen volunteers helped collect important citizen science data on waterbug diversity on the Plenty River as part of the November 2019 Waterbug Blitz

MCMC's Waterwatch Coordinator worked with Waterbug guru, John Gooderham, to help participants collect and identify waterbugs from three Plenty River sites - the Gorge in Mernda, near the Whittlesea township, and upstream of the township at Wildwood Rd.

Kindergarten Clean up2You are never too young to get stuck into removing litter from our precious local waterways as a local Kindergarten demonstrated. In September 2019, two groups of four year old children from the Walker Street Community Kindergarten walked to Merri Creek in Clifton Hill where they were supplied with a litter kit and an education session from MCMC’s Waterwatch Coordinator, Julia Cirillo. More than 40 children picked up litter, mainly coming into the creek via the stormwater drains after flood waters have subsided. In just over an hours' work, children picked up 4kgs of litter. The litter consisted of plastic bag remnants (plastic bags broken into pieces), plastic drink bottles, straws and tiny pieces of plastic, also known as micro and macro plastics and polystyrene.

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