Site location mapLOCATION: YARRA 5000/03.15 E19600 N36400

Inner valley of Merri Creek 500 m upstream of Craigieburn East Road, Wollert.

ACCESS: Craigieburn East Road.

OWNERSHIP & MUNICIPALITY: Private Land, City of Whittlesea.

SITE DESCRIPTION: The Merri Creek flows in an asymmetrical "U-shaped" valley bordered on the east by the slopes of Summer Hill eroded in Silurian and to the west by basalt cliffs and bluffs. The valley floor is filled with an alluvial deposit across which the creek has formed a sweeping meander. The outer (eastern) bank of the meander is a naturally eroding 2 m high undercut bank cliff. The alluvial deposit rests on Silurian strata which is exposes in the river channel at the eroding bend. The alluvial sector extends for about 400 metres along the valley.


This is one of the most extensive valley-fill alluvial sectors of the Merri Creek valley in the study area. It shows the contrasting form of the valley-side slopes in Silurian sedimentary rocks compared with lava flows. There is also a naturally exposed section of alluvial material on the left bank of the Merri Creek on the outer side of the meander bend.


CLASS 2. The site is adjacent to the quarry area at Summer Hill and the northern part has been landscaped with overburden. Extension of quarrying activity will further impact on the appearance and processes of the site.


Sunbury, Australia 1973 [map] 1:63,360: Geol. Surv. Vic. (Part of 7822 Zone 55)

Alluvial Terrace on Merri Creek at Craigieburn East Road, Wollert, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 43. Craigieburn East alluvial terrace, Site 29 (photo Neville Rosengren approx 1993).