Site location mapLOCATION: YARRA 5000/04.07 E23250 N16200

Cliff forming the right bank of the Merri Creek immediately below Rushall Station, and the adjacent section of the creek channel.

ACCESS: There is no direct practical access to the site as it is a vertical cliff rising from a deep pool in the Merri Creek channel. The site may be adequately viewed from a cleared, low terrace on the opposite (left) bank between Cunningham Street and Walker Street.

OWNERSHIP & MUNICIPALITY: Public Land, City of Fitzroy

SITE DESCRIPTION: Vertical and in parts overhanging cliffs 8 to 10 metres high line the southern (right) bank of the Merri Creek below Rushall Station extending for 200 metres west of the high level footbridge. The exposures are of the same sequence seen at SITE 5 and SITE 6 although the lowermost ropy unit is not exposed. Corestone development is more advanced in the columnar unit than at SITE 6 and other distinctive weathering forms are clearly displayed. The Merri Creek channel just downstream of the cliffs is rocky with gravels derived from the jointed blocks of the cliff.


The exposure is an excellent section to show the internal structure of a lava flow and the changes due to jointing and weathering. It supplements the exposures at SITE 6 by giving a broader overview of the joint types.


CLASS 3. The site is naturally protected by the deep pool of the Merri Creek at the base which discourages direct access. The site is adequately viewed from the opposite bank. The site has great potential as a geological education site and could be linked with SITE 5 and SITE 6 in an interpretive study of basalt structures in the Merri Creek gorge. Management should give priority to maintaining the geological features. Overhanging or obscuring vegetation should he removed or pruned on both sides of the Merri Creek to maintain the visibility of the outcrops.

REFERENCES: None known

Lava flows at Rushall Station, North Fitzroy, Victoria Australia

Photograph 10. Lava flows at Site 7

Channel Gravels derived from outcrops at Rushall Station, North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 11. Channel gravels derived from outcrops at Site 7.