Merri Creek Management Committee

Site location mapLOCATION: YARRA 5000/04.09 E21480 N22000

Channel of Edgars Creek 50 in south of the footbridge and 75 m west of Ronald Street.

ACCESS: Ronald Street and Boyne Street.

OWNERSHIP & MUNICIPALITY: Public Land, City of Coburg.

SITE DESCRIPTION: The site is an outcrop of Silurian (Melbourne Formation) sandstone and mudstone overlain by alluvial deposits of Edgars Creek. The surface sandstone stratum is crossed by a dense network of tectonic joints. There are three persistent joint directions and several subordinate, ones. The intersection of these joint's is responsible for the irregular edge to the Silurian beds. Most ,joints are filled with red-brown iron oxide (limonite) which form thin, linear projections above the sandstone surface. The Silurian rocks dip gently to the north west, so stream flow is deflected down the dip slope and lies against the western bank of the channel. The channel is gradually migrating westward by undercutting the soft alluvial deposits that overly the Silurian rocks.

There is a small waterfall where Edgars Creek flows across the truncated edge of the dipping beds. Beside this is a naturally eroding section of the Edgars Creek terrace deposits.


This is a small site but it presents an excellent and safely accessible exposure of the Melbourne Formation. It illustrates the dip of bedding surfaces, a joint system and secondary infill of fractures by limonite. It nicely illustrates a process of waterfall formation across a resistant bed and shows how this system gradually retreats upstream. There are few comparable sites in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.


CLASS 1. The site is being damaged by management vehicles using it as a ford across Edgars Creek. This use should be discontinued. The site should be left as an exposed and active stream channel as it forms a very clear illustration of the ancient and modern geology of Edgars Creek. It has potential as an interpretive and educational feature and provides a welcome natural element in an otherwise intensively managed landscape. No filling or channel works should be carried out. The, minor erosion of the bank is a natural process and should be allowed to continue as it exposes the alluvium of the Edgars Creek terrace and floodplain.

REFERENCES: None known

Dipping Melbourne Formation forming a waterfall at Lower Edgars Creek, Coburg North, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 23. Dipping Melbourne Formation forming a waterfall at site 15.

Jointing in Melbourne Formation at Lower Edgars Creek, North Coburg, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 24 Jointing in Melbourne Formation at Site 15.

Eroding alluvium at Lower Edgars Creek, North Coburg, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 24A, Eroding alluvium at Site 15, Edgars Creek

Vehicle track crossing dipping Melbourne Formation beds at Lower Edgars Creek, North Coburg, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 24B Vehicle track crossing, dipping Melbourne Formation beds at Site 15. Use of this as a ford is damaging the outcrop.

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