Site location mapLOCATION: YARRA 5000/05.07 E24375 N15475

Right bank of Merri Creek adjacent to the Merri Path at the eastern edge of Quarries Park, 100 m south of Walker Street, Collingwood. A derelict metal chute remaining from the quarrying days lies adjacent to the site.

ACCESS: Walker Street or Merri Path.

OWNERSHIP & MUNICIPALITY: Public Land, City of Collingwood.

SITE DESCRIPTION: The site is a small exposure of lava at the edge of the former quarry now filled by the Collingwood Municipal Tip. The outcrop (probably exposed by quarrying) shows contrasting basalt structures. Part of the outcrop shows vesicular and ropy lava at the edge or top of a former lava flow. Another part of the exposure is of a more massive basalt with vertical and horizontal joints forming rough columns. Part of this section is highly weathered and displays incomplete spheroidal structures beneath a thin, flaking weathering skin.


This is very clear example of some primary structures of a lava flow (ropy lava, vesicles, joints) and types of weathering (spheroidal weathering and flaking). These processes are apparent on better exposures elsewhere but this site is very accessible and complements the larger scale structures seen at other nearby lava sites.


CLASS 2. The joints and weathering have combined to give a loose and partly unstable surface. I have noticed that the site has deteriorated over the last few years - almost certainly by deliberate removal (souveniring) of some of the ropy lava blocks. The site could be easily integrated into an interpretive trail showing the history of lava flows. Means of warning and educating the public not to vandalise outcrops like this need to be devised.

REFERENCES: None known.

Ropy Lava at Quarries Park Clifton Hill

Photo 4. Ropy lava at Site 4.

Weathering detail at Quarries Park

Photo 5. Weathering detail at Site 4. Quarries Park