Merri Creek Management Committee

Merri Creek Management Committee's primary purpose is to ensure the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, and the ecologically sensitive restoration, development and maintenance of the Merri Creek and tributaries, their corridors and associated ecological communities. ...more on purposes.

We develop vegetation and waterway management plans and strategies, provide planning advice to Councils and other stakeholders, and deliver waterway and biodiversity education programs to the community and the Waterwatch program for the Merri, Moonee Ponds and lower Yarra. The Merri Creek and Environs Strategy is a key vehicle for coordinating the policies, works and activities of member groups.

Since 1989 the consistently high level and quality of revegetation work has contributed enormously to Merri Creek's restoration and its value as a community asset. The revitalisation of the Merri is an inspiration for other degraded urban waterways in Melbourne.

Our work includes:

  • Coordinating the policies, works and activities of member groups,
  • Carrying out revegetation and remnant vegetation restoration works at more than 80 sites between Kalkallo and the Yarra,
  • Providing environmental planning advice to member Councils and developers,
  • Involving the community in managing waterways and their parklands,
  • Educating the community about environmental issues,
  • Negotiating with government on key issues.

MCMC employs around 20 staff, who work in 3 teams:

Planning and Coordination Team

The Planning and Coordination Team coordinate MCMC's activities and those of member organisations, contribute to strategies and plans affecting the catchment and comment on relevant planning applications. Strategic and Statutory Planning

Catchment Program Team

The Catchment Program Team engages the community (including culturally and linguistically diverse groups) and schools about the environment of the Merri Creek catchment. Programs include Waterwatch, Learning Grounds, and Common Grounds. Education and Community Engagement.

Ecological Restoration Team

Our Ecological Restoration Team restores and revegetates more than 80 sites along Merri Creek and its tributaries in partnership with local Councils and the community. We also undertake vegetation management worksfor agency and private clients, conducts ecological surveys and develop vegetation management plans. Ecological Restoration

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Merri Events Calendar

21 Nov 2018;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Discovering the Frogs of Edwardes Lake, Reservoir

23 Nov 2018;
10:00AM - 11:00AM
Nature Play at Clifton Hill

23 Nov 2018;
07:00PM - 08:00PM
Discover the Frogs of the Merri Edgars wetlands

24 Nov 2018;
10:30AM - 01:30PM
Aitken Creek Walk/or Bike Tour - Now CANCELLED

25 Nov 2018;
08:45AM - 10:30AM
Merri Bird Survey 4 for 2018 (continued) - Friends of Merri Creek

28 Nov 2018;
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Wednesday Volunteering - Fawkner