Merri Creek Management Committee

flooding from trainline southwest 15 09 16 'Wetland Restoration 101' - Reading the landscape with Nature Glenelg Trust is an excellent video about wetland restoration. Although it's not about Merri wetlands, it's pertinent to the Wallan Wallan wetlands. 
• We acknowledge and appreciate that Hanna Swamp now has the Woi-wurrung name: Burrung Buluk. 
• We welcome the Victorian Planning Authority proposal to retain the southern part of Burrung Buluk in the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan, after a  highly effective presentation to a panel hearing by Mark Bachmann of Nature Glenelg Trust on behalf of Friends of Merri Creek.

Photo shows Herne Swamp (near Burrung Buluk) after heavy rain in Sept. 2016, with Mt Fraser in background.

A two page article about MCMC's involvement with Moreland Primary School's recent Creekulum program featured in the Autumn 2021 edition of the Australasian Parks and Leisure journal. The article highlights public parks as rich places for school children’s outdoor learning, using Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) - innovatively grounded in Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung cultural perspectives - and leaving no footprint. You can see the article, entitled Parking the school: Learning about Country from the ground up, here. The project evaluation report for Creekulum is here.

Bougainvilles skinkMCMC is looking forward to finding out more about the current state of fauna in the grasslands around Melbourne, as our skilled Ecological Restoration staff carry out contract work for the following species and clients:  

- Surveys of Growling Grass Frog, Striped Legless Lizard and Golden Sun Moth at Beveridge Recreation Reserve, for Mitchell Shire Council.

- Monitoring of Golden Sun Moth at a grassland offset site in Craigieburn for Hume City Council.  

- Monitoring of reptiles at new conservation reserves in the Merri Creek catchment and in the west of Melbourne, for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.  

Photo: Bougainville’s Skink Lerista bougainvillii, found under a survey tile

Dr AngelaWe congratulate our Special Engagement Programs Coordinator, Angela Foley, who graduated in September 2021 with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education. Her doctoral thesis, titled The art of place-making on Wurundjeri Country today, is an intercultural study that reflects on how the things we make, and the stories we tell and share, reveal how we are connected to Country in contemporary ways, including in urban places.

Slender Speedwell Brackish Plains ButtercupMerri Creek communities will benefit from two new grants gained from the Victorian Government’s Community Volunteer Action Program to be rolled out from late 2021 through to September 2022, and both project proposals were developed by MCMC.

Merri Creek Management Committee received $55,000 for Combating Key Threats to Curly Sedge. This project will tackle severe weed infestations threatening Melbourne's core population of endangered Curly Sedge Carex tasmanica, around the Merri tributary, Curly Sedge Creek at Galgi Ngarrk (Craigieburn Grasslands) in Wollert.

The Friends of Merri Creek (FoMC) received $32,641 for the Queermates of Bababi Djinanang project. This will support FoMC’s new sub-group, the LGBTQI Friends of Bababi Djinanang, with workshops and working bees in and around the precious Bababi Djinanang native grassland in Fawkner, next to Merri Creek.

Photo: Slender Speedwell & endangered Brackish Plains Buttercup amongst weeds in Curly Sedge Swamp, Wollert

Merri Creek in MerriangMerri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) recently cemented stronger ties with the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority (PPWCMA). Our success in gaining funding to employ a Landcare Facilitator for the Upper Merri led to the development of a formal partnership agreement with the PPWCMA. 

MCMC also joined over 70 other organisations listed as partner organisations to the CMA's Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS). It means we formally support the pursuit of the visions and targets for relevant parts of the RCS and have agreed to help achieve optimum results, within our available resources.

As a partner organisation, MCMC submitted two projects for the Prospectus section of the RCS: the Merri Creek Biolink project and the Merri Creek Community Engagement project. The Prospectus is akin to a ‘stakeholder billboard’ on which organisations summarise their most important, desirable, practical and/or innovative project proposals. Although it doesn't guarantee funding, it advertises the fact that we are looking for help to achieve the projects.

Photo: Merri Creek in its upper reaches in Merriang

Chris Cobern landcareWe welcome Chris Cobern, the first ever Upper Merri Landcare Facilitator.  Funding for the position is from a Victorian Govt Landcare Facilitators grant for a one day per week postion, until June 2024. Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. He will be focused on increasing community natural resource management activities in the Upper Merri (and the upper Plenty) community.

Chris is pursuing the formation of a Landcare group in the area and is keen to hear from interested people. He'll also be encouraging the formation of Friends groups in more suburban parts of the upper catchment, as well as supporting existing groups.

Chris can be contacted on Wednesdays at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ZarasGroupCleanUpMay2021MCMC supports many litter clean-ups undertaken by community volunteers. We give our thanks to Zara Hakam who organised a litter clean-up in East Brunswick for a university assignment and wrote about her experience, explaining how it relates to broader ecological issues. 

Of the 13kg of litter Zara and her six friends collected in one hour along Merri Creek in May 2021, over 97% was plastic. Most were single use items such as disposable face masks (9), plastic bottles (18) and plastic straws (35). Zara calculated that if these levels of litter were found along the entire 60-kilometre length of the creek, the Merri would hold approximately 2.5 million individual pieces of plastic!

MCMC supported Zara's clean-up efforts with advice and equipment.

Photo: Zara, 2nd from left, and friends sorting Merri Creek litter

To read Zara's report, follow the read more prompt.

Strettle wetland 11 4 21After a busy start to the year and the ups and downs of numerous lockdowns, MCMC is celebrating two recent successful grant applications, both focused on waterway restoration:

-$21,030 from Melbourne Water’s Corridors of Green program for the project, 'High Density Living: Improving Habitat Structure for Rare Merri Birds,' which aims to extend dense shrub habitat for rarely seen Pink Robins and Rose Robins, along Merri Creek in Thornbury, between Normanby Avenue and the Harding St bridge, where they've lately been seen.

- $21,687 from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s Port Phillip Bay Fund for the project, 'Building up the banks of Brunswick,' which aims to repair riparian vegetation in Brunswick East, damaged by heavy use during recent lockdowns, as well as improve streambank stability and provide training to increase awareness of stream health.

Stay tuned to our event calendar for ways in which you can be involved in these projects.

Smoking ceremony at Mt William quarryOn 2 February, MCMC's Angela Foley gave the presentation: Pitching in: Working with the recent ‘experimental archaeology’ of Wurundjeri Country, at La Trobe University’s Victorian Archaeology Colloquium 2021. The presentation considered appropriate ways for non-Indigenous people to ‘pitch in’ and work together to acknowledge Country.

MCMC participated in the colloquium with formally agreed support from seven Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Elders. The formal requirement was triggered by the presentation’s reference to the article: The Koorong Project: Experimental archaeology and Wurundjeri continuation of cultural practices.