Creek Life: Flora & Fauna of the Merri Creek Valley - 2nd Edition

Creek Life - cover  birds of prey   jewels in the grass redgum and inhabitants 
 Creek Life cover Birds of Prey  Jewels in the Grass Redgum and Inhabitants
Merri banks  waterflow and waterlife     
Merri banks Waterflow and Waterlife    


eastern froglet 

Eastern Froglet



spotted marsh frog

Spotted Marsh Frog

Striped Marsh Frog

Striped Marsh Frog

Watch our Discovering the Frogs of Darebin "froginar", recorded on Friday 5 June 2020.


Schizophyllum commune SMF 4747 CC BY


Phaeoclavulina abietina SMF 2790 CC BY

Green-staining Coral

Leratiomyces ceres SMF 2049 CC BY

Chip Cherries

Leratiomyces ceres SMF 2051 CC BY

Chip Cherries

Coprinus comatus SMF 2697CC BY

Lawyer's Wig

Coprinus comatus SMF 2010 CC BY

Lawyer's Wig