Merri Creek Management Committee

A teacher manual and student workbook have become available in 2010 for use with English as a Second Language (ESL) and primary students. The project is called Clean Streets for Clean Rivers.

grasses2Seeding the Future: Seed collection for Landcare and Friends a DVD by Judy Allen will show you how to collect and store seed. MCMC provided project management support for Judy.

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The videos below were uploaded to Youtube in 2011.

Please contact MCMC on 9380 8199 if you would like to get a copy of the DVD.

See a summary of the Urban Growth Boundary submission or download MCMC's full submission on the Urban Growth Boundary (4.5 MB), with maps, in pdf format. Alternatively, download the text only (without the maps). You can also download the 3 appendices separately.


Click here to see Appendix 7.3: Letter from Andrew McMahon, Ecology Australia.

Click here to see Appendix 7.4: MCMC Review of Birds Australia Report.

Click here to see Appendix 7.5: Joint letters to Ministers: Peter Garrett (Federal), Gavin Jennings and Justin Madden (Vic.).

Ten dead carp were found in Merri Creek below CERES Environmental Park in East Brunswick on 11/2/09 and MCMC reported the deaths to the Environment protection Authority (EPA).

Measurements by both MCMC and the EPA indicate very low levels of dissolved oxygen and this is the most likely cause of the deaths. Low oxygen results from the combination of low flows, high temperatures and excessive plant growth and plant decay. Although aquatic plants produce oxygen during the day while they are photosynthesising, they use up oxygen during the night.

Unfortunately the conditions which are generating low oxygen conditions look set to continue and we are likely to see more fish deaths not just in Merri Creek, but in many of our creeks and rivers.

If any further fish deaths are found they should be reported to the EPA on 9695 2777.