Merri Creek Management Committee

On 20 January 2012, hundreds of dead carp were found in the wetlands upstream of Edwardes Lake in Reservoir (Edwardes Lake is on Edgars Creek, a major tributary of the Merri.) A large influx of organic matter used up oxygen in the water, causing it to turn black and smelly, leading to the death of aquatic life. Darebin City Council liased with Yarra Valley Water to pump some of the black water to sewage.

Blue Green algae bloom

Some weeks later a Blue Green algae bloom arose in Edwards Lake and this has been managed by council with advice from Melbourne Water. However, Melbourne Water tested the water quality downstream of the Lake found on Friday 24 February that the bloom has progressed downstream at least as far as Henty St. Reservoir (Melway 18 C6).  Signage will be erected along the waterway at major public access points through to the confluence with Merri Creek.

See MCMC's submission on the Precinct Structure Plan for the Northern Growth Corridor HERE (223KB pdf) 

See MCMC's submission on the Growth Corridor Plan and Biodiversity Strategy HERE (2.5MB pdf)

See MCMC's additional submission on the conservation of Growling Grass Frogs for the Growth Corridor Biodiversity Strategy HERE (586KB pdf)

Merri Creek has won the dubious honour of being Melbourne's most polluted waterway according to a article in The Age on Monday 21 November 2011 by Environment Reporter, Tom Arup, entitled "Not so Merri reputation for creek." See article HERE.