Slender Speedwell Brackish Plains ButtercupMerri Creek communities will benefit from two new grants gained from the Victorian Government’s Community Volunteer Action Program to be rolled out from late 2021 through to September 2022, and both project proposals were developed by MCMC.

Merri Creek Management Committee received $55,000 for Combating Key Threats to Curly Sedge. This project will tackle severe weed infestations threatening Melbourne's core population of endangered Curly Sedge Carex tasmanica, around the Merri tributary, Curly Sedge Creek at Galgi Ngarrk (Craigieburn Grasslands) in Wollert.

The Friends of Merri Creek (FoMC) received $32,641 for the Queermates of Bababi Djinanang project. This will support FoMC’s new sub-group, the LGBTQI Friends of Bababi Djinanang, with workshops and working bees in and around the precious Bababi Djinanang native grassland in Fawkner, next to Merri Creek.

Photo: Slender Speedwell & endangered Brackish Plains Buttercup amongst weeds in Curly Sedge Swamp, Wollert