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In 2017 MCMC started sending Merri e-News using AcyMailing.  Below is a list of the newsletters sent since January 2017.  To subscribe to Merri e-News, visit our subscribe page.

Merri E-News

Merri Creek Management Committee's quarterly newletter 'Merri e-News'.

Merri e-News - March 2019Sent on 20 March 2019
Merri e-News December 2018Sent on 04 December 2018
Merri e-News Oct 2018Sent on 24 October 2018
Merri e-News June 2018Sent on 15 June 2018
Merri e-News - March 2018Sent on 06 March 2018
Merri e-News December 2017Sent on 06 December 2017
Merri e-News August 2017Sent on 02 August 2017
Merri e-News June 2017Sent on 14 June 2017June 2017 MCEF fundraiser
Merri e-News March 2017Sent on 30 March 2017Merri E-news March 2017
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