Merri Creek Management Committee

Merri Creek turbidity Blyth St, 20 June 2018

In May 2018 we reported on a major turbidity event in Merri Creek in our Muddy Merri Troubles article. The  intense yellow colour of Merri Creek generated high levels of community concern. A month later, in mid-June, the same thing happened again. This time we decided to measure the actual turbidity levels of Merri Creek in Brunswick East and to take photos of the creek.  You can read the detailed results of our investigation below or download the full report as a pdf.

In brief we found:   (1) At its peak the turbidity was 500 NTU. This is higher than any other level recorded in the lower reaches of Merri Creek over the last 18 years.   (2) It took 15 days of steady decline for the turbidity to drop to an acceptable level of less than 20 NTU.   (3) Visually, Merri Creek was perceived as 'very muddy' for 14 days.

Angela Eucalypts Australia’s gum trees can guide student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking entry for STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) as well as Law and Language. A three minute video - Gum tree learning: Inspiring primary educators to teach with Australian eucalypts produced by Merri Creek Management Committee provides teacher support for the cross-cultural curriculum priority (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures). Use it in the classroom and pause to focus on different elements.

Walk & Talk - World Wetlands Day 2018To celebrate 2018 World Wetland Day, MCMC led 19 participants on a walk and talk around the picturesque Edwardes Lake in Reservoir on 1st February. This year’s theme was Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future and Edwardes Lake, Edgars Creek and associated wetlands were a very appropriate locale (see why below). Attendees learnt about water quality testing, the current ecological health of the waterbodies and how the wetlands and Gross Pollution Traps (GPTs) help improve water quality. They also got to see a local Spotted Marsh Frog. 

Kid CatchmentMap 2018 BrunswickLibraryInside: Led by MCMC staff, about 20 families got out of the January heatwave and into the cool of the Brunswick Library for the little kids to look at different local plants and make monoprints with them. Our Merri Creek Catchment Map helped everyone think more about where we are and how we're connected.

SV Rotary Feb2018Outside: On another day, another place, we went out exploring the new wetland near the confluence of the Merri and Edgars Creeks in Coburg with members of Moreland Rotary. It was fantastic to stroll in the shade of the gum trees, walk around the wetland and enjoy the gorgeous habitat. The engineering is hidden, but it is great for us all to consider how this haven intercepts and treats polluted urban stormwater before it gets to our local creeks.

low res Ebina monitor on the Edgars CreekThe MCMC Waterwatch program, funded by Melbourne Water and Darebin, Moreland, Whittlesea and Yarra Councils, supported volunteer monitoring of waterway health at 13 sites across the Merri, Moonee Ponds and Darebin Creek catchments, and the lower Yarra. Our Waterwatch Report summarises the key findings of the Waterwatch volunteers’ hard work collecting monthly water quality results.

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