Walk & Talk - World Wetlands Day 2018To celebrate 2018 World Wetland Day, MCMC led 19 participants on a walk and talk around the picturesque Edwardes Lake in Reservoir on 1st February. This year’s theme was Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future and Edwardes Lake, Edgars Creek and associated wetlands were a very appropriate locale (see why below). Attendees learnt about water quality testing, the current ecological health of the waterbodies and how the wetlands and Gross Pollution Traps (GPTs) help improve water quality. They also got to see a local Spotted Marsh Frog. 

Surrounded by residential estates and an industrial park, two decades ago Edwardes Lake was a heaving mess of litter, heavy metals and nutrients and was virtually unliveable for any aquatic flora or fauna. The riparian zone was also denuded, with barely any bankside vegetation. Today it is a different story. This lake, part of the Edgars Creek sub-catchment (a tributary of the Merri), now has series of wetlands and urban bushland. It has some excellent Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) features which were interpreted on the walk. Features includes a series of wetlands designed to intercept nutrients and heavy metals before water enters the lake, GPTs on various drains and other points, and well-developed bankside and aqautic vegetation that helps filter impurities coming from the stormwater system. This vegetation also provides food and shelter for many of the birds, reptiles, frogs and waterbugs that call Edwardes Lake, Edgars Creek and the wetlands home. Thanks to all the participants and the City of Darebin for supporting this event. 

Find out more about the City of Darebin’s Water Sensitive Projects that are improving the water quality of local waterways.