This recording is useful for those with indigenous gardens at home or in school grounds.

Our Poa story was recorded in March 2021. It focuses on the valuable seed and the benefits of harvesting it in Iuk (Woi-wurrung language for Short-finned eel) Season on Wurundjeri Country.

Much Poa on public land in the Merri Creek Catchment is actively managed by MCMC and other land managers, so please don’t undertake harvesting on public land without permission or supervision.

The video is a broad learning tool suitable for students across tertiary, secondary, VCAL, and primary school levels, and great for conservation courses and volunteers, and Friends groups.

This video connects with Indigenous cultural perspectives (follow up on Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung seasons) and the Caring for Country concept. Consider following up with another MCMC video Seeding the Future: Identifying, collecting and storing indigenous seed. A few other plants you might identify in the video: Spiny-head Mat-Rush (Lomandra longifolia), Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra), Bidgee Widgee (Acaena novae-zelandiae), and Ehrharta erecta.

Case study: Learning with Poa labillardierei (Common Tussock-grass) grasses

In 2021 RMIT University Interior Design students used the gathered Poa labillardierei (Common Tussock-grass) grasses collected by MCMC for their workshop to connect with Indigenous cultural perspectives and important principles of design. This four minute video captures the event, the Iuk story and its freshwater/saltwater relation to Country in Eastern Australia with Gunditjmara artist Aunty Bronwyn Razem and Siteworks (Brunswick) at Testing Grounds (Melbourne). 

Watch the video here

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