new recruits learning to take a water sample Merri Creek NorthcoteTwice annually, the Citizen Science Water Quality program, MCMC Waterwatch, offers free workshops to train new volunteers interested in keeping an eye on the health of Merri Creek and other local waterways.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, part of this workshop on 17 June 2021 was run online. This workshop was recorded and is now available as a two part training webinar.

Participants who watch the webinar and fill in the feedback form can join us for the field work component, which, once completed, makes them fully-fledged Waterwatch monitors.

The online component of the Workshop covered:
- introduction to the Waterwatch program,
-an overview of the different water quality parameters, or tests, that volunteers do and the equipment used,
-major issues of water quality degradation and pollution in our urban streams, in particular the Merri Creek,
-identifying the fascinating waterbugs, aquatic creatures that tell us so much about the ecological health of our waterways by their mere presence or absence.

Participants have enjoyed the training, with comments including:
- It was so fascinating and professional, had no idea just how involved we can get as citizens! Need much more in our local schools.
- It was all excellent. Super informative, covered a lot in a short amount of time.
- I enjoyed learning about the different water bugs which you could find in the waterways and their sensitivity levels.
- Crossing over from being a casual observer of the Merri creek environment to getting into the water and streambank environment
- Well presented, very interesting information and provided links to how I can get involved
- Presentation was very clear and organised, with interesting examples and easy to understand explanations.

To be kept informed of when the field component of this Waterwatch training will be run, please subscribe to the MCMC "events like Waterwatch training" subscription list here:

To find out where local Waterwatch groups are monitoring and to contact them, see our Citizen Science water monitoring page (Table 1).

The Waterwatch workshops are proudly funded by Melbourne Water and the Cities, of Darebin, Moreland and Yarra.