Merri Creek Management Committee

Top Ten plants for a local indigenous gardenCommon bluebell small

Are you keen to have indigenous plants in your garden and to contribute to local biodiversity of the Merri?  Here are our top ten plants.  We've chosen them because of their:

  • attractive foliage, form and flower
  • ease of cultivation
  • adaptability to a wide range of conditions
  • size - none are too large or wide for a small garden
  • good value for attracting wildlife
  • ready cultivation by seed, cutting or division


Acacia implexa

Small Tree

Berry Saltbush

Atriplex semibaccata


Slender Wallaby Grass

Rytidosperma racemosum

Grass for lawn or habitat

Sweet Bursaria

Bursaria spinosa

Small Tree or large shrub

Tall Everlasting

Chrysocephalum   semipapposum


Small-leaved Clematis

Clematis microphylla


Rock Correa

Correa glabra


Kidney weed

Dichondra repens


Spiny-headed Mat-rush

Lomandra longifolia


Native Bluebell

Wahlenbergia communis



Thanks to the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust for funding the Habitat Heroes project. The 'Top Ten' plants are our Habitat Heroes.

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