Merri Creek Management Committee

MCMC welcomes State Govt $1.7 million for Merri Creek Park - Galada Tamboore
On 5th Feb 2017 the State Government unexpectedly announced the allocation of $1.7 million to upgrade and develop visitor infrastructure – including 6km of bike and walking paths in the ‘Merri Creek Park’.
The new visitor infrastructure is planned for the Galada Tamboore part of the Marran Baba [Merri Creek] Parklands in Campbellfield/Thomastown.

The investment is from the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) fund and will include:
1. Sealing an existing gravel path from the Merri Creek pedestrian/bicycle bridge at Galada Tamboore to the pedestrian bridge across the Hume Freeway that leads to Whittlesea Public Gardens
2. Sealing an existing gravel path that leads south from Somerset Rd to Horne St on the western (Campbellfield) side of Galada Tamboore
3. A new path on the eastern side of Merri Creek, within the park’s conservation zone
4. A new bridge crossing over Merri Creek at the southern end of Galada Tamboore
In all, these works will result in a loop track around Galada Tamboore and good access from both east and west. The plans are consistent with the Galada Tamboore Masterplan (2009) and the Merri Creek Marran Baba Parklands Strategic Management Plan (2013)

It will be at least 6 months before construction begins.  

Whilst this announcement is good news, we are hoping that a connection to the existing Merri Creek Trail, which lies south of the Ring Rd, will soon follow. This 'missing link' would then allow users of the Merri Creek Trail to connect to the paths in Galada Tamboore.

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