Merri Creek Management Committee

Diggers Rest Burn1 April 2020Our Ecological Restoration staff have been hard at work, adapting their autumn ecological burn program to heavy, early autumn rains and the social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 world. A few of this year’s burns have been postponed, particularly those close to homes where smoke could impact on health-compromised residents who may be self-isolating.  Elsewhere our ecological burn program is continuing.

Diggers Rest Burn2 April 2020By mid-April we had carried out four days of burning, in rail- and road-side grasslands in Melbourne’s north-west. Many of these grasslands have not been burnt in several decades and contain endangered plant species which decline in the absence of fire. We are eagerly awaiting the coming Spring, to see how the flora will respond to the increased space, light and resources resulting from the burns.

Ecological burns will begin in the Merri Creek corridor in the coming weeks, if appropriate weather conditions prevail. Burns are planned for the Bababi Djinanang grassland in Fawkner, four smaller grassland reserves in Fawkner, and a private property in Somerton.