Merri Creek Management Committee

Galada TambooreGalada Gorge specky RR (meaning “Stream waterhole”) is one of the most spectacular sites along Merri Creek and is a place of great significance to the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung people. Galada Tamboore supports critically endangered Native Grassland and provides refuge to at least eight threatened species of flora and fauna. This Native Grassland is the focus of our project.

Our Grasslands of Galada Tamboore project provides an array of activities to bring the area's wonders to a wider audience. Volunteers  have opportunities to meaningfully connect with the site and its cultural, ecological and geological values. We want to grow a volunteer group for the area, build up skills and knowledge, grow threatened plants, harvest and sow their seed, and free the grassland from noxious weeds.

The project was launched on 12 March and it was followed by events in April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. There is now only one event remaining: - on Saturday 3 December, when we celebrate the end of the project with a picnic and wander.

Galada from high2 RROur Partners

We are grateful for the involvement of our partners in this project:

  • Banksia Gardens Community Services who will host and care for seed orchards and promote activities;
  • Melbourne Polytechnic and RMIT Conservation & Land Management and Horticulture students who will help with weed removal;
  • VINC (Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Coop) who will supply seed orchard plants and host seed production sessions;
  • Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Narrap Rangers who will assist with site preparation and maintenance.

This project is supported by the Victorian Government through the Volunteering Innovation Fund.