Merri Creek Management Committee

Growling Grass Frog metamorph by G HeardMerri Creek Management Committee (MCMC) has successfully applied to use the residual funds in the Growling Grass Frog (GGF) Trust. MCMC’s project will develop a masterplan to guide better planning and habitat outcomes for Growling Grass Frogs in the lowest part of the Merri Creek corridor where these endangered fogs are known to occur. We'll be scoping the area from Moomba Park, Fawkner, northwards to Cooper St, Somerton.

The GGF Trust was established in 2002 with $100,000 as compensation from AGL Energy for destroying GGF habitat along their gas pipeline at O’Herns Rd Somerton. The Trust was composed of representatives from our member group, Friends of Merri Creek along with AGL, DELWP, and Trust for Nature with TfN as the administrators.

Most of the funds have been used for important research and reports on GGF habitat by Dr Geoff Heard, including his invaluable Habitat Design Standards and Guidelines. Then in 2018, the Trust contributed a substantial amount to create a GGF wetland at Frog Court, Craigieburn. The Trust will be wound up after disbursement of $27,218 for MCMC's project.

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