Nature Play LeadershipOn Wednesday 14 October MCMC hosted an on-line conversation for early years educators who are developing activities with children beyond kindergarten settings. MCMC’s long practice of community engagement and environmental education practice with early years communities is based on four principles:
• Walking & wandering;
• Listening & responding to children;
• Leaving no footprint;
• Respecting nature.

Three early years educators shared their stories about going out after the formal policy, risk assessment and scheduling is done, and then discussed how we handle ourselves when we go out.

This is for you if you:
1. Have leadership experience outside kindergarten settings with children and hope to develop more local outings into your programs.
2. Have been involved in excursions to zoos, museums, parks and so on, and wondering how to enjoy your local area and neighbourhood more.
3. Have not had leadership experience outside kindergarten settings with children but interested in how to approach that.
4. Have been wondering how to translate children’s learning for families.

Funded by City of Whittlesea and City of Hume.