MerriCreekWQsensorsGaladaTamboore2021This Webinar showcases water quality data collected in 2020-21 by two sensors in Merri Creek (located in Galada Tamboore and Nth Fitzroy) which measured water temperature and light every hour, and turbidity (water clarity) every two minutes. The project, which involved RMIT University, local councils and MCMC, enabled data to be accessed without having to enter the stream.

In the Webinar, RMIT and MCMC discuss the results and what they mean for the ongoing ecological health of Merri Creek. Also, the Cities of Merri-bek (formerly Moreland) and Whittlesea reveal the water quality improvement projects they are undertaking.

The project was a fantastic opportunity for practitioners within local government, industry, community and academia in the water space to work together using new technology to collect water quality data and to explore new ways of engaging with community. The water quality of Merri Creek is notoriously poor in its lower reaches, and is also highly variable. Sensors provide the opportunity to monitor changes in levels of pollutants that enter via stormwater drains, and in the longer-term, deterioration due to increased urbanisation in the upper reaches and changes due to climate change.

An overview of the sensor project can be seen - HERE.

Participants enjoyed the webinar and provided positive feedback on:
• the good range of speakers and complementary presentations
• the interesting information about actions being undertaken by Whittlesea and Merri-bek Councils

This workshop was funded by Melbourne Water and the Cities of Merri-bek, Whittlesea and Yarra.