Merri Creek Management Committee

flooding from trainline southwest 15 09 16

Photo above: Herne Swamp after heavy rain, Mt Fraser in background. Sept 2016.

Herne Swamp is a hidden gem on the upper Merri Creek awaiting the opportunity to be brought 'back to life'.  Lying to the south and east of the town of Wallan it has 'all the ingredients required for a spectacular restoration project'. This is the central point made in an inspiring discussion paper from the Nature Glenelg Trust -  Restoration Vision for the Wallan Wallan wetlands, including Herne Swamp, as the centrepiece of the Wallan Wallan Regional Park. The Nature Glenelg Trust are experts in wetland restoration and were invited by local community members to inspect Herne Swamp in 2018. 

The discussion paper is highly recommended by Merri Creek Management Committee. We have advocated for many years for the restoration of Herne Swamp and we recognise its potential as a centre-piece for the proposed Wallan Regional Park. This park forms a critical component of the Greater Wallan - Merri Park proposal, a joint initiative of MCMC, the Friends of Merri Creek and the Wallan Environment Group.  The state government has recently committed to its implementation.