Site location mapLOCATION: CLONBINANE 5000/04.03 E25150 N49700

Extending north of the Beveridge Road bridge crossing of Merri Creek at Merriang,

ACCESS: Beveridge Road

OWNERSHIP & MUNICIPALITY: Private land, City of Whittlesea

SITE DESCRIPTION: The site encloses an area of floodplain with a low but distinct terrace on the western side (right bank) of Merri Creek.


The site is an example of extensive alluvial deposition of the Merri Creek where it has been blocked for some time by lava flows. The immediate downstream incision by the creek into the basalt is relatively shallow as the small upstream catchment and small flow rate reduces the capacity of the stream to erode the bed. There has been extensive alluvial deposition (possibly in small lakes and swamps) as the stream has cut a channel into the lava flows downstream. The modern channel is also subject to overbank flow and flooding. The alluvial area is contained between lava flows on the west and a ridge of Silurian/Lower Devonian bedrock to the east.


CLASS 2. The site would he degraded by subdivision or other built structures. It is clearly visible from the road and does not need improved public access.

REFERENCES: None known

Terraced floodplain on Merri Creek north of Beveridge Road, Merriang, Victoria, Australia

Photograph 45. Terraced floodplain at Site 32, Merriang.