Community members in Wallan began the reclamation of Wallan Creek, which led to the formation in 2004 of Friends of Wallan Creek.
2004 – 2007:
After incorporation, Friends of Wallan Creek applied for and obtained a series of grants (more than $100,000) to improve the environmental values of Wallan Creek. This money and literally thousands of hours of voluntary labour provided by the local community, including 1st Wallan Wallan Scouts, Upper Maribyrnong Catchment Group and local schools, over many years has provided a truly local focus on improving Wallan’s natural environment. The result has been the transformation of Wallan Community Park and Wallan Creek from a weed and rubbish infested waterway into one of the few truly open spaces in Wallan which the whole community should be justly proud.
2007 – June 2010:
Friends of Wallan Creek began to expand its geographical focus to include the care of Taylors Creek and commenced lobbying Mitchell Shire to open up and develop Green Hill, Wallan, as public open space.
Wallan Environment Group is formed on 5 June 2010, ie World Environment Day, after Friends of Wallan Creek changed its name. The change in the group’s name was made to reflect the group’s shift to a broader geographical focus and its growing role as an advocate for the improvement, protection, extension and linking of the local parks, reserves and public open space areas in Wallan. The group’s overall aim is to create a more liveable Wallan by engaging the community in restoring, enhancing and preserving the natural environment.
Wallan Environment Group celebrated it's ten year anniversary since starting out as Friends of Wallan Creek in 2004. See the President's Report for the activities of the group and our Strategic Plan.
For more information: contact Claudia James (Secretary) tel: 5783 1325