Merri Creek Management Committee

Antonie Year 3Turbidity larger sizeYear 3 students from Antonine College in Coburg enjoyed learning about the health of Merri Creek by testing the turbidity (muddiness of the water) during a field trip in East Brunswick recently. Water samples from Merri Creek were analysed and it was discovered on that day at least, the creek turbidity was relatively low and considered quite good for ecological heath.

However student testing samples of Merri Creek water from back in June 2018, taken after recent rainfall, showed considerably higher turbidity levels and a poor result for ecological heath.  Much of this elevated turbidity is most likely due to widespread disturbance of soils in the upper catchment, where new urban development is taking place. Stormwater and pollution impacts on plants and animals were discussed and students had some interesting ideas on how the turbidity levels could be reduced, including adding large filters to our stormwater drains!

Antonine turbidity

This session was funded by the City of Moreland 

Photo: Antonine College students learning how to measure turbidity with a turbidity tube.