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Special BEST SONIA SIERRA small 600 x 450Our new three minute film gives a snapshot of how Merri Creek Management Committee connects and communicates with local communities and celebrates local biodiversity.

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MCMC welcomes State Govt $1.7 million for Merri Creek Park - Galada Tamboore
On 5th Feb 2017 the State Government unexpectedly announced the allocation of $1.7 million to upgrade and develop visitor infrastructure – including 6km of bike and walking paths in the ‘Merri Creek Park’.
The new visitor infrastructure is planned for the Galada Tamboore part of the Marran Baba [Merri Creek] Parklands in Campbellfield/Thomastown.

MCMC and Collingwood Children’s Farm have partnered to gain a $20,000 Melbourne Water Community Grant to enhance river bank integrity and improve riparian revegetation planted in the 1980s. The project is based on the Yarra River at Collingwood Children's Farm and will help to ameliorate impacts of erosion, improve indigenous habitat along the riverbank and reduce sediment and nutrient rich farming runoff into the river. The project will engage the community of the Abbotsford Convent and Collingwood Children’s Farm precinct through two Community Plantings in 2017: on Sunday 21st May and on NAIDOC Day Wednesday 6th July.

If your organisation/group would like to add value to your current works, MCMC may be able to support you in the application and/or delivery of waterway grants. Call Katrina on 9380 8199 to explore the possibilities.

MCMC employs a team of highly skilled and experienced staff who work on restoring the native vegetation of the Merri Creek environs. We've had a few changes in our Parkland Team membership recently.

Family group at Lorne StOur sincere thanks to the 54 donors to the  Merri Creek Environment Fund 2016 Appeal who helped raise $11,350 for ongoing projects to improve the Merri. You can still donate to the Appeal.
Donations to the 2015 Appeal funded the recent Planting up the Gap community event on the Merri near Lorne St Fawkner on Sunday 14 August. An enthusiastic group enjoyed glorious weather while planting 450 indigenous grasses and shrubs to help bridge the habitat gap.
Our thanks also to our first Good2Give donor. This is a work place giving organisation which enables employees to make pre-tax donations to registered charities, such as MCMC, direct from their pay. Registered employers then match the employee donations.  Is your workplace a member of Good2Give?

Lakeside College landA big thanks to the Darebin City Council, which has decided to buy the approximately 1.8ha of Merri Creek frontage abutting the former Lakeside Secondary College. An offer of  $270,000 will be made to the Victorian Education Department for the land. This is a great win for the environment as now the land, which includes Critically Endangered indigenous vegetation will be secure as public open space cared for by Darebin Council. This land forms part of the Merri habitat corridor as well as the Merri Shared Path. Thanks also to the many community members who agitated strongly for this.

Brunswick North Primary School June 2016A $200,000 partnership project Melbourne’s Water – Proactive from Brunswick coordinated by Merri Creek Management Committee in partnership with Brunswick North West Primary School is complete. Funded by a grant from the Victorian Government, the project inspired the school community to go above and beyond the project’s goals. This included new plans to manage water flows at school and the production of a film to celebrate the process of creating their new indigenous habitat garden. Created on a flood-prone area above the long buried Melville Creek, the new area is proudly celebrated in Woiwurrung language as Yakai Barring,  meaning ‘surprise track’.

GSM nice brightenedDuring Merri Creek Management Committee’s surveys of Golden Sun Moth in summer 2016/17 we learnt three important things:

  • Golden Sun Moths (GSMs) don’t mind how much it rains, as long as the grass is kept short.
  • Small reserves make it hard for Golden Sun Moths to avoid predators.
  • Golden Sun Moths live on the Great Dividing Range.

NAIDOC ASGDuring NAIDOC Week 2016, Wurundjeri Elder Uncle Dave Wandin joined Merri Creek Management Committee’s Angela Foley to give a presentation to the Science Group of the Environment Protection Authority Victoria, and to share stories about how MCMC and the Wurundjeri Tribe Land Compensation & Cultural Heritage Council work together.

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Merri Events Calendar

25 Jun 2017;
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Friends of Merri Park Hand Weeding

01 Jul 2017;
01:00PM - 03:00PM
MECCARG Planting indigenous species

02 Jul 2017;
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Litter Clean Up – Craigieburn (Friends of Merri Creek )

02 Jul 2017;
02:00PM - 03:30PM
Streamteam Water Quality Testing (Friends of Merri Creek)

05 Jul 2017;
06:30PM - 08:30PM
"Murnong Encounters" Talk

16 Jul 2017;
10:00AM - 12:30PM
"BBB Planting" & BBQ Reservoir