Merri Creek Management Committee

MCMC S011 12SMCMC has over 15000 images of Merri Creek and works and events along Merri Creek from the 1970's that form a nationally significant collection.  Their significance is that they document the emergence of an environmental restoration movement and show the work and resulting dramatic changes to the Creek parklands.

We need long-term volunteers to come into the office to help catalogue these images, so that they can be better used, and at least the best of them made public.

Thanks to the heroic efforts of one volunteer, all of our photographic slides, and about half the photographic negatives have been scanned.  But the cataloguing of the images - that is entering location, date, subject keywords etc information - needs more people.  The work involves methodically working through images in the computerised catalogue, deciphering annotations where they are present, or working out from the images themselves what they represent, and entering this information in the catalogue.  A reasonable familiarity with the Merri Creek parklands is needed.

One of the joys of the job is to see the dramatic improvements in visual and environmental quality of sites along the Creek documented by the images.

If you are interested please email Tony Faithfull on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 93808199 Monday to Wednesday.

Can you guess where these images are from?

MCMC S003 12SMCMC S004 07SMCMC S017 10SMCMC S025 03S

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