Merri Creek Management Committee

Wildlife and Habitat Guide

Rural landholders in the Volcanic Plains to the north and west of Melbourne can find practical management tips in a recently published fauna guide book. Nineteen local animals, their habitat requirements and threats are described in the “Wildlife and Habitat Guide for Merriang Landholders”. It includes familiar species such as Yellow-rumped Thornbills (‘Butter-bums’) and Blue-wrens along with rarities like the Growling Grass Frog and the Golden Sun-moth.

This Guide supports landholders in the Volcanic Plains to address the plight of local wildlife by targeting their conservation efforts or modifying current practices.

Habitat is not a ‘one-size fits all’ concept. Changes to the landscape that benefit one animal may disadvantage another. For example the grazing of a paddock may eliminate many wildlife species while encouraging Galahs and even the rare Golden Sun-moth.

The sturdy 42 page booklet was produced by Merri Creek Management Committee with assistance from the Department of Sustainability and Environment and the City of Whittlesea. through the Merriang Local Area Biodiversity Plan.

A modified version of the guide is available here and limited numbers of the guide are available from:

Merriang District Landcare Group
PO Box 54,
Wollert 3750


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Merri Bird Survey 4 for 2018 (continued) - Friends of Merri Creek

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