Merri Creek Management Committee

4.yam daisy david tatnallVolunteers have been hard at work raising rare plants as part of the Friends of Merri Creek’s three-year Secret Seven seeds project, which aims to increase the seed supply of seven rare Merri Creek plant species.  Northcote resident Jane Mullett has successfully raised Plains Yam Daisies to the seeding stage. She says "I am getting heaps of seeds off them. I am harvesting between 3-5 puffballs every second day!". The plants were initially grown by VINC.  

The key stages in the growth of these plants has been documented by renowned local photographer, David Tatnall. See the superb sequence under 'Read More.' 

This project is funded with the support of the Victorian Government. The Friends of Merri Creek have contracted MCMC to help deliver the project.

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