Merri Creek Management Committee

Weed Orchid SWOT2 1 webCongratulations to the Friends of Merri Creek  (FoMC) for their success in gaining the three new innovative grants. These projects will help to improve the environs of Merri Creek and tributaries, and will connect community to local nature in tangible ways. FoMC acknowledges the critical support of MCMC in preparing the project plans and grant applications. MCMC and the Friends will work together to deliver these exciting projects. 

Friends of Merri Creek's new grants:

Securing the Secret Seven’s Seed for our Flora’s Future - DELWP Community Biodiversity Grant - $50,000 over three years. This project engages volunteers to help care for Seed Production Areas (SPA) using three models: containerised plant populations maintained in volunteer's homes; 'agricultural production’ at an urban community farm; and ‘in-situ’ populations within the Merri Creek Parklands. This project will develop interpretation and practical guidelines that could help future seed-based restoration projects.

Weed Orchid Terminators Strike Again - Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority Community Grant - $23,242 over 10 months. Based at Ngarri-djarrang Grassland in Reservoir this project will support the Friends of Merri Creek’s Weed Orchid Terminators to control the recent explosion of this priority weed. MCMC will host 6 field days for volunteers, map the infestation and spread of the Weed Orchids, develop a control plan, and assist in ongoing engagement of community in its control. 

Aitken Creek's Living Pathways - Melbourne Water Community Grant - $19,987 over 18 months. Based at Aitken Creek in Craigieburn (a tributary of the Merri), this project aims to establish pollination pathways for remnant Matted Flax Lily. Fencing, weed control and plantings will also protect and augment other important remants at the site. Community will be engaged through a picnic and guided walking/cycling tour along the creek, two planting days and the development of on-line interpretive materials.